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The scientific community believes that they are closer then ever to finding cures and new treatments for canine cancer.  We may have a chance in the life time of our existing dogs to have more victories against cancer for our dogs.  And potentially for ourselves since every cure for cancer is dogs is a road map for the potential cures in humans.

To carry on these life saving efforts for our dogs, we are asking for all of you to help us, once again, in a unique and special way by becoming a STAR member of the Ozzy & Harriet Canine Funds Foundation. To become a STAR member of the OHK9FUNDS Foundation we are asking our supporters to commit to donating a minimum of $10 per month for at least one year.  You can donate more monthly and you can extend it for longer than a year if you’d like. 

Knowing that we have a monthly base of donations allows the OHK9FUNDS to plan ahead in our commitments to new research grants.  Our STAR members will have a powerful impact on moving research from the lab to the dog patient. Once you sign up as a STAR member of the OHK9FUNDS, you will receive our Green Paw Key Chain, a Green Paw Dog Tag, an exclusive STAR membership T-Shirt, a special membership certificate, and your name will be listed on the site as a STAR member. Additionally in the future, STAR members will have access to other exclusive membership opportunities as they become available.

I want to personally thank you in advance for helping us fund powerful research grants and joining us as we continue with our mission of working together to find a cure.

Join a brilliantly planned Foundation

structured to aid K-9's everywhere!


Gary & Steve

The Founders

Monthly contributions help sustain our Foundations Core

Instill family values by assuring all members become well informed about the rapidly growing heath issues, living situations, and brutal conditions abused pets encounter everyday. Teach one another about problem solving methods that spark ideas you think members of our Foundation will build from. 

Surprisingly the simplest thought can always be the beginning of something beneficial in place to develop ways you and your loved ones can unite to make a difference together. Foundations such as ours make it possible to help individuals face the real world during impossible to see though delays.