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A perfectly planned process inspired by love and compassion to help aid man's best friend...

The Ozzy & Harriet Canine foundation proceeds will aid in eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Having cost effective methods, streamlined treatments, and developing healthier habits will ultimately conquer K9 cancer. Our foundation is based on community education, physician training, and clinical research. Together we can make a  difference! All charity proceeds are directed to increase wellness for our family pets. 


Did you know? One out of every three dogs will get cancer... To help educate and raise awareness we have created the most comprehensive presentation addressing canine health issues,  In conjunction with the AKC, we will raise the level of research through the multitude  of different foundations. We have outlined basic details on how to recognize irregular symptoms/behavior. This battle starts with public awareness gaining knowledge of these growing issues. The education starts now! Let‘s Go!


The Ozzy & Harriet Canine Foundation provides training through:

  • Fundraising: Dinner parties, beach outings, dog park day events, and local gatherings.
  • Educational Platforms: Published medical journals, updated online newsletters, & weekly posted knowledge based webinars. 

Our goal is to save dogs lives by cancer awareness, promoting healthier lifestyles, and funding published Pathologists who mandate the clinical research.


As other foundations financially assist Universities, Pharmaceutical Corporations, Government Legislature, & different independent Veterinarians. We, The Ozzy & Harriet Canine Foundation fund the Pathologists who govern the clinical research laboratories. Together we can make a difference!

THE REAL (Facts & more)

  • Cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in dogs. 
  • Lymphoma is the leading cancer diagnosed in dogs. 
  • Nearly 50% of pets over the age of 10 will develop some type of cancer. 
  • The increasing incidence of cancer in dogs is due to longer life spans.  
  • Cure? There is no cure of cancer.
  • 3 Treatments: Surgery, Medication, and/or Radiation.
  • 3 Leading causes: Pesticides, vaccines, and secondhand smoke are today's leading attributes known to cause cancer.
  • The Number one type of cancer is Malignant Lymphoma .
  • November 6th is National Canine Lymphoma awareness day. #NCLAD
  • 6,000,000 + dogs will be diagnosed with cancer within 2018.

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We work together with the AKC in supporting the top researchers in the nation to ensure 100% of your donation goes directly to the clinical account.

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Let's remember dogs are family members too...

The scientific evidence shows that  companionship of a dog can enhance human physical health and stabilize psychological wellbeing.  We all know how important pets are to our families, but do we do enough to ensure their quality of life is like ours. Dog owners spend a tremendous amount of money on food , beds, toys, training, and veterinarian costs. As a society we must ensure that the medical community keeps up with the changing times and the increase of disease. Together we can help ensure the livelihood of our animals. The canine medical institutions need our help to advance technologies in eliminating canine cancers. Let's get active!

Ozzy The K9 Trejo - Never Alone

Meet the loving dog behind The Ozzy & Harriet Canine Foundation. Thanks to little Harriet (Ozzy's little k-9 sidekick) Ozzy doesn't have to face unexpected life obstacles alone. The simplest things can make the biggest difference in a dog's life such as; having a true friend/companion, a truly providing owner, and a neighborhood full of residents (both dogs and humans) excited to see you. 

August/2018's Top Dog Parks in L.A.

There are numerous dog parks in Los Angeles, CA. Learn why Gary Trejo recomends four dog parks you don't want to miss. All listed locations will be future event sites for OHK9FUND's group gatherings and more. Be sure to join the STAR Members in attending these events whether your an active Ozzy & Harriet Canine foundation donor or not... 

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